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(Maintenance) 7/07/16 nombre de participant aux tournois

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(Maintenance) 7/07/16 nombre de participant aux tournois

Message par sid0ri le Jeu 7 Juil - 9:21

Bonne nouvelle :

"Maintenance: Tournaments Feature Update (7/7)
We're having a short maintenance break today (7/7) to deploy some bug fixes and improvements to the tournaments feature.

We're increasing the maximum number of players that can join smaller tournaments. To accommodate this, we're stretching out the Tournament Chests a bit - meaning that some of the lower chest sizes are going to be smaller, but more people will be able to win chests - and the end result will be more cards in the tournament prize pool in total!

Please note: Most Tournament Chests contain a low number of cards because we designed them to give proportionally higher chances of getting epics and legendaries!

Here's how the changes will look after the maintenance break:

500 Gem Tournament:
- Capacity increased to 100 players (from 50)
- Top 40 win a Tournament Chest (from 20)

1,000 Gem Tournament:
- Capacity increased to 150 players (from 80)
- Top 70 win a Tournament Chest (from 40)

2,000 Gem Tournament:
- Capacity increased to 200 players (from 120)
- Top 90 win a Tournament Chest (from 60)

5,000 Gem Tournament:
- Capacity increased to 250 players (from 200)
- Top 100 win a Tournament Chest (stays the same)

Additionally, we're reducing the chest timers for 4-12 card chests - down to 3 hours (from 4).

Other things to note: The tournament capacity change won't affect ongoing tournaments, but the chest changes will. Also, all tournaments are paused during maintenance breaks.

Consider this is just "version 1.1" of the feature - we've got a lot of ideas bouncing around and really cool things we want to add to make tournaments better! So please keep letting us know what you think here and make sure to check out the new Tournaments sub-forum here!"

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